Up until now, getting an adequate and beneficial combination of antioxidants into our system meant carefully watching our diet and combining the correct foods and natural supplements. The problem is, getting enough fruits and vegetables in the right combination with naturally occurring L-glutathione and other critical antioxidants is extremely difficult if not impossible to achieve.

Dr. Hersh and his colleagues at Thione International spent several years researching and developing novel delivery mechanisms for introducing the Thione Complex™ to make sure we get the most out of its anti-aging and health restoring properties.

Effective Antioxidant Delivery

Thione's innovative and effective delivery mechanisms maximize the body's antioxidant absorption. Swallowing capsules is one of the most inefficient methods of supplementation. Instead, Thione Complex™ products focus on superior delivery systems such as absorption through the gums, application directly to the skin, etc.These methods of delivering antioxidants are the most effective available anywhere. Currently, Thione offers:

  • → A chewable tablet to allow absorption internally through digestion.
  • → An oral spr ay for the mouth and oral membranes.
  • → A soothing spray for the skin.
  • → An anti-itching anti-flaking shampoo.
  • → A quick acting cosmetic cream for the skin.
  • → An effective Serum for premature skin aging.

These delivery mechanisms allow for Thione's technology to be applied to healthcare problems in each category listed below:

  • → Oral Care
  • → Viral Infections
  • → Pulmonary
  • → Dermatology
  • → Radiation Damage
  • → Diabetes
  • → Cardiovascular
  • → Gynecology
  • → Ano-Rectal
  • → Alcohol Injury

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